x-ray report

We have a well-equipped radiology suite which enables us to produce good quality radiographs over a wide range of patients, from a small kitten or pup, to the largest of the dog breeds.

X-rays are a fast  and a non-invasive way of diagnosing problems in your pet. We are able to do plain X-rays studies to diagnose pregnancy, bladder stones, arthritis, pneumonia, gastrointestinal foreign bodies and other common conditions and contrast X-rays studies such as barium swallows, intravenous pyelograms and urethrograms to diagnose problems in the transit of food and urine.

Radiographs are also used in the diagnoses of orthopedic diseases (fractures, bone irregularities, ligament ruptures, etc). In these cases pet’s placement is very important and therefore sedation is required in the majority of the cases.

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