Senior cat care

At seven your cat is considered a senior

Cats over seven years of age are senior citizens in human years. Everyone gets older, and our best friends age faster than we do.

How old is your cat in human terms?

Time flies when you’re having fun. But at seven years young, your cat is nearing its 50th year, in human terms.

  • At 11 years old cats have reached retirement age.
  • At 14 years old cats are well into their seventies.
  • Cats who live primarily out of doors age faster than indoor cats.

Calculate your cat’s age

Your cat’s age in human years (age varies based on weight and care)


Source: The Cat Owner’s Manual.

Sherbourne Animal Hospitals can help

As with humans, the need for healthcare increases with age in cats. Like us, animals suffer from aches and pains related to ageing but we can help you ensure that ageing isn’t difficult for your best friend.

Find out more information in our hospital or call us.

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