Our Appointment Policy

This is a 45-minute appointment with the doctor wherein your pet will be seen at the time when the appointment was booked. The consult will be conducted in the exam rooms with the doctor however most procedures or treatment are still done at the back.

This involves dropping off your pet at a certain time in the clinic and they will be seen in between the doctor’s appointment. Please do note that your fur babies might wait with us for a while and sometimes it takes hours depending on how the day looks like. We do not recommend opting for a drop-off if the concern is urgent.

This is a 15-min consultation with the doctor it is a lesser fee than a normal appointment since the consult will be done over the phone. You will need to settle the payment beforehand, and the doctor will give you a call.

These are 15-min appointments with our technician which are blood works prior to a procedure, nail trims, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, microchipping, etc. New clients are more than welcome to book tech appointments except for bloodwork. Please note that you would need to create a profile first before you can be placed on the schedule.

Ultrasounds in Sherbourne Animal Hospital are only scheduled on Fridays. If your pet is coming in for an abdominal ultrasound, they will need to fast 12 hours prior to the appointment. The drop-off will be before 11:00 am and the ultrasound will happen around noon, pick up times are usually after 3:00 pm but if the doctor finishes early, you will be notified right away

If you have never been to the clinic before you will have to come in for an exam first to give the doctor the chance to review the history. The ultrasound and initial appointment are not done on the same day.

You must be seen within the past 6 months and have valid blood work before you are scheduled for surgery. Keep in mind your pet needs to be fasted after midnight prior to the day of surgery, the drop-off is between 8:00 am to 9:00 am, the procedure is done between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and the discharge is usually after 3:00 pm.