How to Care for Your Cat’s Teeth

It’s not as impossible as it sounds, and with patience, your cat may even come to appreciate this bonding time with you. However, if your feline friend puts up too much of a protest, there are other ways to help your cat to have healthy teeth. Dental treats are great for your cats’ teeth, however, […]

How to Care for Your Dog’s Teeth

It’s a great idea to have your dog’s teeth examined regularly by your vet, who’ll give them a professional dental clean if necessary. Regular home care can help avoid problems to start with. Dental may include: Tooth brushing (3 or more times a week). There are many products available such as doggy toothbrushes and beef […]

Kitten Nutrition and Diet

For the first year or so of their life, you should feed your new kitten with specially formulated kitten food, preferably the same food they have always been used to. Here are a few tips to keep your feeding on the right track: Never overfeed your kitten, as this can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and […]

Tips for Training Dogs

Start training your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Impressions your puppy forms in the first 16 weeks set them up for life. When training your dog, keep training sessions short. Remember your dog has an attention span of a small child. Ten minutes are adequate or your dog may lose interest. However, […]