Crate training

Hello! Below are some steps to help our puppies with their crate training

You need a small crate, within that crate your pet needs a small space for sleeping, for food, and for water.  This crate should not be too big otherwise they may urinate or defecate in the crate.


Week 1: Leave the crate door open (food, water, bed inside the crate), make sure that your pet feels comfortable inside.


Week 2: Leave your puppy in the crate at all times except when you take them out. A routine day should be:

1) Take your pet outside as soon as you wake up. Stay outside with them for around 5 minutes.

2) Bring your pet in, feed them in the crate and when they have finished take them outside again for 10-15 minutes

3) Bring your pet into the crate and leave them in there for 4-6 hours (it is likely that they will cry and bark, but it is of utmost importance that you ignore your pet and let them quiet down on their own).

4) In 4-6 hours, you can take your pet out again and let them be outside for 10 -15 minutes then repeat item # 3.

5) Repeat #2.

6) repeat # 3.


Week 3: Continue as week number 2 but once your pet had poop and pee outside you can let them be around the apartment (outside of the crate) for short but incremental periods of time.


Week 4:  Your pet should be allowed out for longer periods of time. In the end, they should be inside the crate only for overnight periods.


Please make sure that every time that your pet does have a good action (pee or pooping outside) they get a positive reinforcement (treat, praise, a good word, or something similar.) Also, remember to socialize <animal> with as many pets and people as you can. (Make sure that they are all well vaccinated and not suffering from any illness).