How to Care for Your Cat’s Teeth

It’s not as impossible as it sounds, and with patience, your cat may even come to appreciate this bonding time with you. However, if your feline friend puts up too much of a protest, there are other ways to help your cat to have healthy teeth.

Dental treats are great for your cats’ teeth, however, do not overfeed them as cats can gain weight quite easily. Make sure that you reduce the amount of food that you provide according to the number of treats that you give unless your cat is still very young (less than 6 months).

Specially formulated dental care dry food is designed to clean your cat’s teeth as they eat. Discuss with your vet the food that is recommended for your cat’s teeth. As this is an adult food only, don’t feed this food until your kitten is at least one year old.

Mix Wet and Dry Food

Remember, if you only feed your cat wet food, their teeth will deteriorate more quickly than if you mix it up with dry food. So don’t forget to give your pet a healthy portion of both to keep it chewing. Of course, special formulations from the Vet are still the best solution for keeping teeth clean. Next time your cat yawns, pay attention. You’ll know soon enough if it’s time for a clean!