Parasitic prevention TREATMENT

All products work differently, K9 Advantix II starts working even before the ticks attach which means there's no need for them to bite our pets in order for the medication to take effect, this medication makes the ticks disoriented preventing them from attaching to the pet's body. The same process applies with Advantage multi, this works on multiple pests and parasites and their life stages to protect our pets and reduce the risk of harm to your family since some parasites like intestinal worms can be transmitted from pets to humans. 

Both K9 Advantix II and Advantage multi does not cover all types of parasites however it does cover a wide variety compared to other medications, please refer to the chart below:

K9 Advantix II 

Advantage multi

Why do we recommend them?

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Calendar guide

When to apply?

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K9 Advantix II must be applied starting in April since this when seasonal changes starts, ticks are active as soon as the temperature hits 4°. Heartworm Season starts in June and this is when Advantage Multi must be applied. Both topical medical medications should be given once a month until November for full protection.

Since puppies are growing in a fast rate it is recommended to weigh them every month

BAthing/ swimming

Advantage Multi and K9 Advantix II are water proof and continues working even the pets get however we do recommend to wait for 48 hours after application before swimming. Same waiting period applies if you're planning to bathe your pet, we would also recommend to avoid using any medicated shampoo while using these preventative treatment. 


K9 Advantix is toxic to cats. In a multipet household that includes a cat and dog, they have to be separated for 12 hours to avoid the cat from grooming the dog as the medication is toxic for a cat especially when ingested in huge quantity. We would normally recommend applying this medication at night time and placing the pets in separate rooms overnight to avoid contact.

possible side


Like other medications, this also has a possible side effect on some pets. The most common symptom that may arise would be excessive itchiness that may sometimes cause the pet to run around and become agitated. This doesn't cause any pain, some pets have a bit more sensitive nerve endings and once the medication is applied it causes a tingling sensation to our pet's body which causes them to itch and panic, this is more common for small breed dogs with a white coat. Once this symptom is seen we would recommend calling the clinic so we can guide you through it.

How to apply

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