Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Food is fuel for your pet’s body. Without adequate nutrition, your pet is more susceptible to a range of health issues. Our team will help you determine the best diet for your pet’s age, lifestyle, and overall health by creating a nutrition plan specifically for them. Our pharmacy is also fully stocked with specialty foods and treats to support your pet’s overall health. 

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What should I include in my pet’s diet?

Your pet will have specific dietary needs depending on their unique qualities. Our team will work with you to assess their current diet to determine how we can ensure their needs are met. For example, kittens and cats should be fed different diets. Kittens need more nutrients catered towards their growth and development, whereas senior cats need food to support bone density. To book a nutrition counselling appointment, please contact us at 416-775-0101.

Can I feed my pet homemade food?

Though making your pet a home-cooked meal is well-intentioned, many prepared meals don’t include all the vital nutrients they need. Our team can help you pick out packaged food that best supports their nutrition. Some nutrients you should look for on the ingredients list include: 

  • Protein like real meat, fish, or poultry
  • Carbohydrates like grains, brown rice, or barley 
  • Fats like omega-3s
  • Vitamins like Vitamin E, D, C, or K
  • Minerals like calcium, iron, or zinc 

What foods should I avoid giving to my pet?

There are some widely known foods pet owners should avoid feeding their pets like garlic, onions, alcohol, chocolate and other candy. We often see depictions of cats being fed milk in pop culture but did you know many are lactose intolerant? Generally, it’s best to avoid feeding your cat a bowl of milk since they’ll likely get sick. Instead, look for specially formulated “pets only” milk when purchasing.

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