Senior Care for Pets

Our senior pet program includes regular, in-depth health examinations with the aim to pick up and treat age-related diseases before they become serious. The key to our hospital’s successful track record is early diagnosis and preventative healthcare, which can help ensure your pet’s maximum life expectancy and excellent quality of life. 

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How should I be caring for my older pet?

As pets approach 7 to 8-years-old, their diet changes, and it’s time to look for specially formulated senior pet food. It’s also essential to take a senior pet in for regular checkups as they reach old age – just like you’d do for an elderly relative. Other ways to care for your senior pet include: 

  • Spend dedicated quality time together 
  • Keep them active with lots of exercise and movement 
  • Engage them with play to keep them mentally stimulated 
  • Maintain an at-home dental care routine
  • Groom them regularly, especially if they struggle to do it themselves 
  • Install mobility aids and other accommodations to make your space accessible 

How often should I schedule their visits?

For older pets, we recommend checkups every six months. Pets taking medication for an extended period or who have specific illnesses could need check-ups every three months. During your pet’s checkup, we do a physical exam and other diagnostics tests that provide us with a comprehensive look at your pet’s health. Our in-house laboratory allows us to process bloodwork at our hospital, getting back some results to you in as little as an hour. These checkups allow us to determine any changes in your pet’s health and find ways we can best support them. This could mean revisions to their wellness plans to include a different type of diet or integrating more effective parasite prevention. To book your pet’s next appointment, please contact us at 416-775-0101.

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