Surgical Services for Pets

Our advanced facilities allow us to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. Our new operating room is fully air-conditioned, ensuring pets have a warm and sterile environment to receive care. We also have close contact with several referral centers in case your pet needs added support or medical attention. 

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Where will you perform my pet’s surgery?

Pet procedures are performed in our newly outfitted surgery room, which includes updated technology to utilize a range of advanced surgical techniques. Before each procedure, we screen all patients for safety. We specifically tailor anesthetics to your pet based on their vitals and overall health. To ensure your pet’s safety as well as our ability to perform the safest, most efficient, and state-of-the-art procedures, our surgical services and facilities include: 

  • An experienced veterinary surgeon
  • Fully trained veterinary and technical staff
  • Heated surgery tables for greater comfort
  • Advanced sterilization techniques
  • ECG and oxygen saturation monitors
  • Intensive post-surgery care 
  • Optional full blood testing

How should I care for my pet before and after surgery?

We’ll provide a thorough breakdown of what you can expect before your pet’s procedure. If you have any questions or concerns about it, this is the best time to raise them. We’ll also share any steps you’ll need to take beforehand to help your pet prepare, like fasting or staying hydrated. Similarly, our care doesn’t stop after your pet leaves the operating room. We’ll provide detailed information about post-operative at-home care and services available at our hospital to ensure your pet recovers well. To learn more about our surgical services, please contact us at 416-775-0101.

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