Weight Management

Carrying a few extra pounds can mean big problems for your pet, including an increased risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and painful joints. Our staff will assess your pet’s weight and fitness so we can develop a realistic weight loss program to help your pet reach an achievable target weight. Call us at 416-775-0101 to book a weight management consultation.

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Why does my pet need to lose weight?

Weight loss drastically decreases the risk of your pet developing some diseases connected to obesity. Pets who are overweight tend to have a shorter lifespan, impacting their quality of life. Common conditions overweight pets often develop include arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and high blood pressure. Weight management helps your pet shed their extra pounds and have a healthier lifestyle.

How does weight management help weight loss?

Before creating your pet’s weight management plan, we assess their metrics to determine their healthy weight. A healthy weight factors in their breed, age, underlying health issues, and lifestyle to determine a realistic number they can reach on the scale. A weight management plan often includes: 

  • Pet owner’s input to determine what works best 
  • Adjustment to your pet’s daily caloric intake 
  • Increased physical activity 
  • Consistent check-ins with attainable goals 
  • Support from our team throughout the process 

What if my pet is resistant to their plan?

If you notice your pet is having difficulty adjusting to the changes in their weight management plan, our team can brainstorm strategies to assist the transition into their new lifestyle. You are your pet’s biggest support during this journey. This means finding creative ways to engage them in the process, like finding unique methods to help them increase their physical activity. If your pet constantly struggles, this could mean revisiting the plan and making adjustments to support them.

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