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or give him a favourite toy. You shouldn’t train your dog if you’re in a bad mood, otherwise, you won’t share positive energy with him, plus you’re more likely to lose your temper.

1. Start training your puppy as soon as you bring him home. Impressions your puppy forms in the first 16 weeks set them up for life.

2. When training your dog, keep training sessions short. Remember your dog has an attention span of a small child. Ten minutes are adequate or your dog may lose interest. However, you can include several training sessions in the day.

3. Always ensure training ends on a positive note: have a quick game with your

Dogs are very social animals meaning

Do dogs need a companion?

they don’t like to be alone – but you should think carefully about the time and money needed to care for more than one dog. A single dog needs plenty of human company and it’s important that they aren’t routinely left on their own for more than four hours a day.

How long can I leave my dog alone? 

Dogs shouldn’t routinely be left alone for more than four hours. Boredom can cause dogs to bark or be destructive in the house.

If you go on holiday, you need to arrange for someone responsible to care for your dog. Dogs can be booked into kennels or, alternatively, a friend or professional “pet-sitter” could look after them. Well-run kennels won’t allow dogs to board if they haven’t been vaccinated, so make sure you check your dog’s vaccinations are up to date well in advance.

Who should care for my dog if I go

on holiday?

If a friend or “pet-sitter” is looking after your dog while you’re away, make sure they know about your pet’s requirements. Leave them a list of information, such as how much food and exercise your pet needs, any medication they might be on and how to give it, and your vet’s contact details for emergencies.

For the first year or so of their life, you should feed your new kitten with specially formulated kitten food, preferably the same food they have always been used to.
Here are a few tips to keep your feeding on the right track:

  • Never overfeed your kitten, as this can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and excessive weight gain

  • Try to give them premium quality dry foods, which offer complete and


nutrition and


Ban homemade meals Everyone loves a homemade meal, but kittens are the exception. Feeding your kitten something you’ve made yourself might seem like a good idea but it’s not the best way of ensuring your growing pet gets all the nutrients it needs.
A balanced diet is important, especially in these early stages of their development. The best way for kittens to get this is by eating commercially produced kitten food which contains essentials such as calcium, phosphorous and other important vitamins and minerals. Cats have a specific need in their diet for taurine, one of the building blocks of protein. They can’t formulate this by their metabolism, so they need to have taurine in their diet.

caring for older cats

milking it

As cats approach 8 years old, their diet can change and it might be time to look for specially formulated senior cat food at your supermarket, pet store or Vet.  It’s important to take your cat for regular check-ups as they reach old age – just like you’d do for an elderly relative.

If you give your cat a bowl of milk, they’ll appreciate it greatly, but it might not be as good for them as you think. Many cats are actually lactose intolerant, which means they can get quite sick from drinking your milky treats. Keep an eye out for specially formulated ‘pets only’ milk instead. You can find this in most good pet shops and in some supermarkets.

how to care for your dog's teeth

It’s a great idea to have your dog’s teeth examined regularly by your vet, who’ll give them a professional dental clean if necessary. Regular home care can help avoid problems to start with.

dental may


  • Tooth brushing (3 or more times a week). There are many products available such as doggy toothbrushes and beef flavoured toothpaste to assist you with this and it’s the best way to avoid problems with your dog’s teeth

  • Dental exercisers like chewy toys, as well as special diets, can all assist in reducing plaque

It might seem like a losing battle at first, but with the right attitude and a little affection and gentle

How to teach your dog tolerate tooth brushing

gentle persuasion, tooth brushing for your dog will become easier. It’s important to start slowly – this will be a new sensation for your pet and you don’t want them to be scared.


  • Start by handling the mouth very gently, using your finger to rub their gum line. Wrap a piece of wet gauze around your finger,(dip it into the water first) and gently scrub your dog’s teeth along the gum line

  • Progress gradually to using special animal toothpaste, on an animal toothbrush or a soft children’s toothbrush – both will be fine for the job

  • Never use human toothpaste, baking soda or salt, as these can cause problems in older animals

  • When you first start brushing, lift the upper lip on one side to expose the outer surfaces of some teeth. To brush, make gentle circling motions from the gum’s towards the ends of the teeth

  • Keep the initial tooth brushing period short and if your dog starts to object, don’t push it

  • Even if you don’t get very far at first, always reward your dog. Give praise and a treat after each session, so they’ll come to associate tooth brushing with rewards 

how to care for your cat's teeth

yourself. It’s not as impossible as it sounds, and with patience, your cat may even come to appreciate this bonding time with you. However, if your feline friend puts up too much of a protest, there are other ways to help your cat to have healthy teeth.
Dental treats are great for your cats’ teeth, however, do not overfeed them as cats can gain weight quite easily. Make sure that you reduce the amount of food that you provide according to the number of treats that you give unless your cat is still very young (less than 6 months).
Specially formulated dental care dry food is designed to clean your cat’s teeth as they eat. Discuss with your vet the food that is recommended for your cat's teeth. As this is an adult food only, don’t feed this food until your kitten is at least one year old.

Remember, if you only feed your cat wet food, their teeth will deteriorate more quickly than if you mix it up with dry food. So don’t forget to give your pet a healthy portion of both to keep it chewing. Of course, special formulations from the Vet are still the best solution for keeping teeth clean. Next time your cat yawns, pay attention. You’ll know soon enough if it’s time for a clean!

mix wet and

dry food