parasite prevention

for puppies

K9 Advantix II 

Advantage multi

When to apply?

K9 Advantix II must be applied starting in April since this when seasonal changes starts, ticks are active as soon as the temperature hits 4°. Heartworm Season starts in June and this is when Advantage Multi must be applied.

Since puppies are growing at a fast rate they would need to be re-weighed every month in order to obtain the proper dose for this medication

How to apply

Advantage Multi How to Apply (002) (1).P

BAthing/ swimming

It is important to wait for 48 hours after application before bathing a pet or going swimming.

Advantage Multi and K9 Advantix II are waterproof and continue working even the pets get wet.


K9 Advantix is toxic to cats. If you have a cat at home please separate them for at least 12 hours to avoid contact, the best time is to apply it at night before going to bed so they can sleep in separate rooms

possible side


The most common symptom that may arise would be excessive itchiness that may sometimes cause the pet to run around and become agitated. If this happens please give us a call so we can walk you through the process